Cypress College LogoWelcome to the Cypress College Online Parking Management System.

Cypress College is now using License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology for parking permits and parking enforcement in and around campus. Any vehicle parked on campus MUST be registered in our system otherwise a citation will be issued. Before registering your vehicle online you must have the following information ready:


License plate number OR the last 5 numbers of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).


Vehicle Color


Vehicle make


Vehicle model

Please check our UPDATED FAQpage to address any issues.

If you have questions please call Campus Safety (714) 484-7387
Please select from one of the headings below to register your vehicle and park on the Cypress College Campus:

Are you an employee or student? Employees & Students MUST use MyGateway to access the Parking System.

Click here to register your vehicle.

Parking instructions for students.

Are you a visitor to Cypress College OR a student requiring a 1 day parking permit?

Are you a visitor to Cypress College requiring a semester length Community Pass?

STOP!! If you are a student, use MyGateway to register your vehicle(s).

Are you attending an event at Cypress College?

Are you a contractor/vendor new to Cypress College?

Click here to register your company and vehicle information.

Active contractors

click here to manage your account and vehicles.

Do you want to submit an Appeal for a citation?

The owner and driver of the vehicle are both responsible for the parking citation and bear the burden of proof when contesting the citation. Notice of the decision will be mailed to you regardless of the outcome and further instructions given if necessary. Please note that each citation will have pictures to support the violation. The pictures are GPS stamped and will be entered in the system as evidence to support the reason for issuing the citation.

Notice: All persons receiving a citation have the right to appeal within twenty-one (21) days of the date the citation was issued or within 14 days from the “Notice of Parking Violation”.

Appeals may be completed on-line.
Online Appeals:
Appeals may be submitted online at or call (800) 989-2058.